4 Reasons To Visit a Professional for Hair Coloring

March 25, 2016 Rouge Hair Boutique No comments exist


Ready to liven up your look with a new hair color? You may be tempted to dye your hair yourself using an inexpensive box of hair color from the drugstore, but be warned. Dying your own hair is risky. We’ve all heard horror stories from women who bought blonde hair dye, only to end up with a head of bright orange locks…

To keep hair coloring disasters at bay, the Conshohocken hair stylists at Rouge Hair Boutique suggest seeking a professional for all of your hair coloring needs. Here’s why:

  1. Professionals customize the dye to fit your hair type. When you use a box of hair color, the dye doesn’t always match your hair type (coarse, fine, dark, light, etc.). But when you go to a salon for your hair coloring, the stylist will take your hair type into consideration to create the best possible color job.
  2. You won’t have to worry about missing spots. Coloring your hair yourself makes it almost impossible to get an even coat of dye on your entire head. Avoid the embarrassment of ending up with multicolored or splotchy hair by letting a professional handle the coloring.
  3. Professionals know how to keep your hair healthy when coloring it. Hair stylists have the know-how and the products necessary to condition hair while dying it so that it doesn’t get damaged or dried out. Your hair will stay healthy and shiny no matter what.
  4. Visiting a professional for hair coloring is far cheaper than a corrective treatment. Though box hair color may be a fraction of the cost of a salon hair coloring, it can end up being far more expensive if the color doesn’t work out. Corrective color services can exceed $200! Considering this risk, it’s actually more cost-effective to go to a professional for hair coloring in the first place rather than paying for damage control later on.

As you can see, it’s wise to leave hair coloring to professional hair stylists instead of trying to do it yourself. We promise your hair (and your wallet) will thank you!

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