How to Tell If Balayage Is Right for You

June 24, 2016 Rouge Hair Boutique No comments exist

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Are you looking for a new hairstyle that is both beautiful and easy to maintain? You may be a good candidate for balayage, a French hair technique that creates subtle highlights throughout your hair. To find out for sure, run through our Conshohocken balayage stylist’s checklist for deciding whether the balayage effect will work well for you:

  1. Your hair is currently in good, healthy condition. Before committing to balayage, a hairstyle that involves adding color, you should ensure your hair is in a healthy state. If your hair is already in bad shape, adding a treatment may cause it to become severely damaged.
  2. You’re ready for a drastic hairstyle change. Balayage is a less dramatic style than ombré, but having it done will still transform your hair by creating a natural, sun-kissed glow that is sure to attract some compliments. So before deciding on balayage, make sure you’re ready to be noticed for how lovely your hair looks!
  3. You like to stay on-trend when it comes to your hair. In recent years, balayage has become popular on runways and red carpets around the world. More and more, celebrities and models alike are ditching traditional highlights and switching to balayage. Therefore, it’s safe to say this style tops the list of current hair trends.
  4. You like two-toned looks, but ombré is too intense for your taste. Many people think balayage and ombré are the same style, but they’re actually quite different. For an ombré effect, a lighter color is applied to the top part of the hair and gradually made to be a darker shade towards the ends. On the other hand, balayage involves sweeping color through small triangular sections. The ends of the hair are made darker to add dimension and keep the hair looking natural. Another thing to keep in mind is that balayage requires less maintenance than ombré, which makes the style more appealing to people with busy schedules.

Now that you’ve learned about balayage, you’re ready to decide whether this is a style you’d like to try. 

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If you’d like to have the balayage effect added to your hair, it’s essential to visit a reputable hairstylist. That’s where Rouge Hair Boutique comes in! For years, our Conshohocken balayage stylist has been offering cutting, styling and hair coloring services. Now, we’re ready to give YOU the hair of your dreams!
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